“If You Want More, You Need To Become More.” Jim Rohn

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In my last post I referred to Personal Development and it’s importance in Network Marketing. Since football season is about to start (Go Steelers!), I use an analogy here.  First of all, you have a Coach and the Players.   Additional staff and assistant coaches participate by making sure the coach and the players can focus on one thing: WINNING!  NOTHING, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  The most successful teams had great coaches who developed a great team.  They had the best relationships and the greatest respect for each other and their coach.
Why is this important?  As you are networking with others they will be looking to you for direction on what to do and how to do it.  How you show up in this environment is very different than your current day-to-day.  For example, as corporate and fitness professionals (others as well), are you followed because of your credentials and who you are (i.e. the boss)?  Let’s personalize the same question.  As a parent, sibling, or friend, are you followed because of your role in that circle, or because of how you show up?  Please don’t hear this as good or bad.  In the Profession of Network Marketing, title and credentials may get people’s attention, but it probably won’t keep it.
What do you do?  How do you begin?  Start with those you respect because of how they showed up.  What are the qualities and characteristics that you want to model? Listen as others talk about these individuals.  Why are they attracted to them?  Next, get clear on you and who you are choosing to become.  Notice I said ‘choosing’. Using myself as the example, growing up I knew by age nine I was going to college, getting a job in Corporate America, getting married and having kids.  Now don’t laugh, but when I was in high school, I realized how much I enjoyed travel and the outdoors.  I thought about backpacking across Europe. Well, that wasn’t an option since Charles Manson was up for parole.  Then I though I would drive a truck. Dad put a stop to that idea by sharing with me that truck drivers were not the healthiest because they bounced around in their cabs all day.  My last thought was to become a farmer.  There was family land in the Carolina’s so that would be easy.  Of course my mother shared how bad farmer’s hands looked and that it was out of the question.  My point here is if you think in your heart of heart’s what you REALLY enjoy you may find that you aren’t doing.   Participating in network marketing would provide you this opportunity without a huge up front investment.  Others will be attracted to you because you stepped out and chose to create a change in your life.  You chose to become much more than any title both personally and professionally.
I share another resource for you from Jim Rohn, THE FIVE MAJOR PIECES TO THE LIFE PUZZLE.  Here Mr. Rohn shares details about 1) having a personal philosophy, 2) the importance of a good attitude, 3) the importance of activity (action), 4) the importance of results, and 5) choosing and designing your lifestyle.  You can download a pdf of this wonderful book by  CLICKING HERE  at a discounted cost as the VALUE of this book is priceless!  Another network marketer shared it with me and I now share it with you.  It is the very book I reference with those who are participating with me in my CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 90 DAYS PROGRAM.  Details on that tomorrow, with a ‘shout out and thank you’ to Mark Harbert.

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