Personal Action – Overcoming Fear To Act – Week 3

Fuzzy Looking Eaglets

Fuzzy Looking Eaglets

Personal Development, Personal Development, Personal Development!!! Enough Already!  What is Personal Development without Personal Action? For the last five years I have focussed on Personal Development after a marriage that ended in a very public adultery.  I did not go through therapy, drink or do drugs. Please know there is no judgement here.  It just wasn’t my choice.  I did throw myself into Personal Development though, and as I participate in the Master Key System I now wonder, was I sold on a lie?  The lie that Personal Development would have me become the person God intended me to become?  Why do I ask?  Well, I feel like I cut school one day and missed the lecture on Personal Action.  Oh, and don’t forget about fear.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh do I hate fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think you get the point!  So I believe the point of my post is take Personal Action.  In taking Personal Action (accountability really is a wonderful empowering thing!), you don’t have time to worry or think about fear (Yay!!!!), and follow-up with the Personal Development of the skill you took Personal Action on so you get better at getting what you want.  Ok, rant over. Sleep Well, Be Well, ACT WELL!

Note: Eaglets may be cute and fuzzy, but when it’s time for them to fly, their mother does not give them a book on personal development.  She knocks them out of the nest so they learn how to fly.  Have someone knock you out of your nest and take ACTION!

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