What Mentally Strong People Don't Do

The Week Of the Mental Diet – Week 7

This week we focused on the 7 Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox.

The Seven Day Mental Diet

The Seven Day Mental Diet By Emmet Fox

As a personal trainer, health/wellness/life/lifestyle coach, I have worked on many nutrition plans, and I have inspired and encouraged many in thirty plus years.  I would even say, in a very care take y way, I may have even attempted to motivate those who could not motivate themselves to pursue a plan put in place to bring about specific results in their lives.  Participating in the 7 Day Mental Diet has been a world wind of fun and engagement unlike anything I have ever known or participated in.  Having the discipline to be positive in ALL THINGS, yes, ALL THINGS has taken this gal to a completely different level of being the optimist!  If you are looking for something and can only commit to one thing for seven days, I am not going to beg you, yet I will encourage you to do the Seven Day Mental Diet.  Oh and yes you can restart and still have success!  I’m not giving you a way out, I’m giving you a way in! Cheers!

                    What Mentally Strong People Don't Do

What Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

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