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Tomorrow is September 1st and most people find themselves moving into a different routine after Labor Day in the United States.  There is a great deal of media around the up coming presidential elections and people are focusing on who they will vote for to lead the country for the next four years.  In this selection process, most will look to the newly elected official to change their personal situation.  This process is an important one, yet not nearly as important as you leading you.  What would happen if for 90 days you committed to you leading you? Giving 100% to change your personal situation?
In my last post, I referenced Jim Rohn and his book, The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle. It is a wonderful book that empowers you to act and take action within yourself instead of looking for action to take place outside of yourself.  Things that occur outside of you are not within your control.  When I think of who this blog is directed to (yes I’m writing to myself as well), a large part of your life is based upon corporate behaviors and practices and servicing our clients.  We are very disciplined as it is required to do what we do, otherwise we will lose our minds!  The position or title you hold was accomplished through disciplined action.  The clients you service chose you because of how you show up; what you are modeling.  Yet some of those we participate with in our day-to-day, aren’t necessarily as disciplined or committed.  Corporate political games are played that have nothing to do with performance and quality of service. Clients choose out or sabotage themselves and it breaks your heart because you know they can reach the goal they set for themselves.  As you apply the words of this book to your thoughts and daily activities you will find that engaging in a 90 day program of consistent, small, actions you will clearly define who you are, what you have to offer, and who you can offer it to.  Tony Robbins refers to this as ‘Personal Power’.  When you embrace, I mean truly embrace your personal power, you can do and be anything you choose.
The following summary is what I shared with other participants in the program I am facilitating. I believe you will find it interesting to the point of acting on what is written.  I invite you to click on the photo to enjoy a downloadable version of the book for $6.99.  I also invite you to join us; a group of like-minded individuals who aren’t waiting until the elections to bring about change.  We have picked one or more of the following areas of focus:
  • Our physical body, whether cardiovascular health or weight (fat) loss;
  • Our income, yes increase;
  • Our peace of mind.
I, and the group, hope you choose YES! and contact me via my ‘Contact Me’ page!  You have something to offer and others are waiting for you!  Here is that summary:
“The final result of your life will be determined by whether you made too many errors in judgement,
repeated every day or whether you dedicated your life to a few simple disciplines,
practiced every day.
The discipline of strengthening and broadening your philosophy.
The discipline of developing a better attitude.
The discipline of engaging in more intense and consistent activity that will lead to the achievement of greater results.
The discipline of studying your results in order to anticipate the future more objectively.
The discipline of living more fully and investing all of your experiences in your better future.”

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