Press Release

It all began with this burning desire to be all I could be.  I knew there was more to life than the life I was living and my heart ached for it.  My restlessness for more life in my living almost took my breath away and all I wanted to do was breathe! So I began taking action. First, my commitment to Spiritual Growth had me seek expression.  I knew I was met to love with no judgment; no conditions.  Acting on this discipline was maddening yet with each step toward love and in love it became euphoric!  Next, was in gifting each and every person I came in contact with, looking in their eyes and saying I love you; I am here for you; I am cheering for YOU!  I connected with people in a deep and inexplicable manner.  This of course connects with my commitment to Helping Others. The bridge over the gap of technology, time, was completed with every person I meet.  My transformation has me barely recognize myself as I purchase my first investment property right around the celebration of my birthday on July 20, 2016.   This purchase is the seed of my two non profits, DJ’s Joy for Youth and Young Adults and DJ’s Playground for Women Who Choose Their Journey.  Two other investment properties follow during 2017 and 2018 fully funding these organizations which are nationally recognized legacy cornerstones of my church and family.  This makes my heart sing and I know my father is smiling in heaven!  My other venture as a network marketing professional, evolves to a Crown Diamond of Jeunesse by December 31, 2020.    I am recognized in the network marketing profession for my commitment to spiritual growth and helping others.  My “ministry” is developing 10 DJ’s Diamonds in this profession, through active life skill participation and education on three continents, North and Central America and Africa by December 2019.  I am known for my playful engagement with others and angel gifts on these continents.  My tithes and offerings of $10,000.00 per month beginning January 2018 at Living Word Christian Center are celebrated every time I write the check knowing how blessed I am to be able to give in this manner.  My lifestyle as a chief encouragement officer embodies spiritual leadership as an international speaker, health and wellness coach and network marketing professional spending 90 days per year equally among these roles and 90 days with my non-profits and family beginning in January 2018.  My daily routine of prayer, exercise, disciplined nutrition, sitting practice and reading keeps me grounded and humble.  Peace and humility are the cornerstones of my being for spiritual growth and helping others.  Beginning October 2015, I committed to100 weekly outbound calls for the first year as a developing network marketing professional.  My target market includes entrepreneurs in the service industry who need to make more money in their service time.  I commit to 50 weekly outbound calls my second year and 25 calls each year thereafter.  My last day of having to work for someone else is April 30, 2016 where my Autonomy, Liberty and True Health are celebrated.

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