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Ralph Waldo Emerson - Be Yourself

Franklin Makeover: Courage – Week 17 Delayed Post

‘Thought is the property of those only who can entertain it.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Courage. Yes Courage.  This was the virtue I decide to focus on last week.  And what a courageous week it was!  I had made up my mind (ha! ha!), that I was to have the courage to do those things I wanted to do. Those things that I needed to do, yet seemed to fall by the wayside or are addressed at the end of the day when I am nodding off.  To my surprise, the Courage applied this week was in an area that I never considered.  As I have mentioned, my Personal, Pivotal Needs are Spiritual Growth and Helping Others.  One of many lessons learned in the Master Key is that you cannot give what you do not have.  Seems pretty straight forward right?  During my week the realization of this became quite profound.  I have always been, yes, past tense, the care taker.  A role given, selected, who know’s, since I was 9 year’s old.  As I move toward my being, my future self, it occurred to me that I could not truly help others in this role or posture.  Truly helping people is not taking care of them.  So taking care of people was something I needed to have the courage to let go of in order to truly help people.  As I become more, I can give more and help more.  In the past I had sacrificed myself in order to take care of another.  I realized the empowerment of helping others was truly something that could also help me.  No personal sacrifice was necessary.  All of a sudden helping others was no longer hard.  And I recognized so many other people helping others as well.  It was effortless!  Little did I know that my care taking posture was an obstacle to my growth.  I found greater energy and greater courage in both my higher, and yes my lower self (I still venture there on occasion).  I realized I was in control and had greater courage and greater faith which produced greater courage.

Master Key Lesson 17.26 reads as follows:

Every obstacle conquered, every victory gained, will give you more faith in your power, and you will have greater ability to win.  Your strength is determined by your mental attitude; if this attitude is one of success, and is permanently held with an unswerving purpose, you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand.

As you will read in my next post, I chose Decisiveness as my next virtue of the Franklin Makeover.  Ain’t no stopping me now!!!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Power of A Mastermind – Week 8


Week 8 is here and so am I. Every time I think I cannot be blown away again, I am. This week the reality and impact of the Mastermind was more powerful than I could ever imagine.  I have no 1:1 contact in person with anyone in this group yet I felt I was having daily, minute to minute conversations with group members!  Please notice my word choice.  I felt.  I pull from a reading and audio I heard this week on Shared Belief.  I’m sure you have experienced it without knowing it and in most situations it is something that is done when commiserating with another.  Well in my experience this week emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, I could feel the presence support and engagement of this group. As Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich,

Mastermind Principle

Mastermind Principle

This invisible Force became so strong it was as if I was six years old with an invisible friend.  There is a ‘greater power of transformation of belief in something greater than ourselves’ taking place.* ‘The group amplifies and strengthens individual beliefs and a trans-formative movement occurs’.*

To my peers of MKMMA, I commit to playing stronger, participating more to enrich the hopes, the power and the possibilities for all who are participating.  I thank you for the deposits you have made in me and I look forward to making deposits in you.napoleon-hill-quote-you-must-get-involved-to-have-an-impact-no-one-is

* Words spoken by Deepak Chopra.