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True Autonomy!

Shifting . . . When PPN’s change with ease – Week 2

This post will be much shorter than my last as I sort through the ‘shift’ that has taken place in me.  Last year, I participated in the Master Key System with the pivotal personal needs of Spiritual Growth and Legacy.  As I participate this year, I found Autonomy and Liberty to so easily move into my being that I began questioning my participation last year!!!  Don’t worry.  I got over it very quickly with two sentences from James Allen written at the end of Part 2 by Charles Haanel.

‘Cause and effect is as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of visible and material things.  Mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance. ~~ James Allen 

In the following statements by Charles Haanel, I found my peace and my explanation for the shift:

2:15. One writer has expressed the chief distinction between the two phases of mind thus: “Conscious mind is reasoning will.  Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will.”

2:22. The subconscious mind is the seat of our principles and our aspirations.  It is the fount of our artistic and altruistic ideals.  These instincts can only be overthrown by an elaborate and gradual process of undermining the innate principles.

Let the Law of Attraction for Autonomy & Liberty Begin!!!

Liberty Defined

Liberty Defined

Enthusiasm As A Virtue – The Real Week 20

I begin this post reminding myself that my Personal Pivotal Needs are Spiritual Growth and Helping Others.  Why the reminder you ask?  Again I allowed the dog gone river of life to swallow me up!!!  It was a Phenomenal Week!  What I thought about I brought about.  The laws I have been studying were realized; materialized.  Then life distractions ‘creeped’  in . . . again.  The good news is that getting back on track happens faster.  The challenging news is that I KNOW that the derailments take me away from my personal pivotal needs.  Those needs that are at my core and not about me.  They are all about my purpose of being.

Life does give back in kind.

Life does give back in kind.

20.27 Thought is creative vibration and the quality of the conditions created will depend upon the quality of thought, because we cannot express powers we do not possess.  We must “be” before we can “do” and we can “do” only to the extent to which we “are”, and so what we do will necessarily coincide with what we “are” and what we are depends upon what we “think”.

And then the distraction happened . . .

20.28 . . . but the immutable law will not allow you to plant a thought of one kind and reap the fruit of another.  You are free to use this marvelous creative power as you will, but you must take the consequences.  Yep, I’m back on TRACK!!!